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October 04 2013

jazz fridays


Every Friday for 40 weeks a year we organise jazz evenings presenting the most outstanding artists the region has to offer. An unmissable Château l’Hospitalet event, Jazz Fridays are an opportunity to share in a convivial atmosphere where music and gastronomy are combined. Every Friday evening from 8pm onwards, the Hospitalet restaurant covers every facet of the jazz world through a ‘Food and wine pairings’ dinner which will delight both your ears and your taste buds.

14th of February, Francoise roy duo

This singer from Quebec, chose Europe and especially France to practice her job.  She is performing songs from Nancy Sinatra, Lynda Rondstat or even Shania Twain. She will be accompanied by the pianist Stephane Andreu. A love songs selected repertoire for this Valentine day.

21th of February, Manolita & Viktor

This French and Spanish singer influenced by J. Baez, Barbara Streisand or Stevie Wonder is acompanied by Viktor, great guitar player, accomplice of every instants. this duo will carry you to the heart of Jazz, Blues and Gospel through their own arrangements.

Manolita (singer) - Victor (Guitar - Samples)

28th of February, Stil Duo

Musicians since 8 years with Pierre Vassiliu, Franck Rozé (Keyboards and sing) , accompanied by Hervet Chiquet ( Drums/Choirs) Are offering you a night where they will interpret the greatest classics of Brazilian Music, Jazz but also hits of pop that marked the 60's and 70's rearranged in a very contemporary punchy way! You will discover readjustment of singers such as The Beatles, Sting, Gilberto Gil, Chico Buarque, Queen, The police, Sinclair, Bob Marley etc.

Franck Roze (Piano, Keyboards) / Hervet Chiquet  (Drums)

Dinner 49€

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