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November 18 2013

Pruning and truffle Festival at Château l'Hospitalet

Vines pruning is without a doubt the most difficult task of winegrowers. This meticulous work is representing the beginning of the vine life cycle and every winter the wine growers are working to give birth to what will be later the fruit of a whole year's work. It is with these excessive temperatures that on our vines, the wine growers are acomplishing 15 million of pruning movements with an infinite precision influencing the next harvests as much as the vine for the rest of its life.

It is first of all these men and women that are working hearts and souls out to serve the vine that we want to celebrate in this day Saturday December 7th during the Pruning and truffle festival.

Join Us At Château l'Hospitalet for a day of celebration in which will happen a professional pruning contest in the vines of Château L'Hospitalet but also a truffle hunting and a gourmet walk back to the Winery. In order to close up this day rich in discoveries, a Gala diner is organised with a truffle and Wine Menu.

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