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The cellarman selection

This month, the cellarman Feargal presents OR & Azur our bee friendly wines

 The Languedoc winegrower Gérard Bertrand launches two cuvees certified Bee Friendly, the first European label for the protection of insect pollinators.

According to the Bee Friendly association, the agro-food industry owes 35% of its production to the action of insect pollinators. Among them, the bee is considered the sentinel of the environment by 88% of the French who are worried about its excessive mortality.

Gérard Bertrand is already strong in a wide range of AB certified cuvees, Demeter (in biodynamics) and / or Vegan, and has joined the new European label Bee Friendly with Or & Azur and Solar 6. These new Bee Friendly cuvées also display the AB label.

 Issued under the control of Ecocert Environnement, the Bee Friendly certification is based on a 27-point specification. The use of pesticides identified as harmful to pollinators is prohibited; The label also requires apiaries to be installed on the estates and trained in beekeeping and health monitoring.

In partnership with beekeepers, the bees have thus elected domicile at the Château l'Hospitalet, among other estates of the Gérard Bertrand group.

In the colors of sun and sea that make up its Mediterranean identity, the Or & Azur range is offered in AOP Languedoc, rosé (Grenache-Cinsault floral) and red (Syrah-Grenache deep).

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