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Art at l'Hospitalet

Action for Contemporary Art, supporting artists from the South of France. open from 9am to 7pm 7/7


We have missed Olll at l’Hospitalet. Remarkably talented artist, well-known from New York to Tokyo, and close friend to Gérard Bertrand, the painter honoured us by choosing Château l’Hospitalet to display his latest pieces, the BACK TO AFTERWORK collection.

A well-noticed set up, according to the opening’s success on Monday, January 30th, which gathered a crowd of connoisseurs, reporters, critics and art-lovers, eager to discover Olll’s latest pieces.

Come visit the BACK TO AFTERWORK exhibition at Château l’Hospitalet, open until March, 31st.


As a true patron of the arts Gérard Bertrand has, by opening this exceptional venue next to his hotel and restaurant, confirmed his desire to promote Art with a capital A.

This fusion of Art and Business put forward a long-term project based on two main themes: supporting regional contemporary creation and rendering art accessible to all.

Discover the previous exhibitions.

Contact us at +33(0) 4 68 45 28 50 or for more information

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